Importance of Sending a Card

May 11, 2023

During the early 2010s, people believed that ecards and social media messaging would take over the greeting card industry, replacing cards for non-personal electronic images. This has since faded and greeting cards were found to be as important as before.

There is a certain feeling of excitement you get when you receive a greeting card. In fact, the Royal mail even carried out a scientific study on the difference between receiving cards and receiving online messages.

This study found:
That receiving a handwritten note or card has a far greater emotional impact and makes people feel far more special and cared about than receiving emails or texts.

The tests were held under laboratory conditions by Mindlab, an independent scientific research company on behalf of Royal Mail. As part of the study, emotional activity was measured in response to different stimuli. The experiment involved volunteer mums being fitted with a cap and electrodes, which measured changes in voltage caused by cognitive activity in the brain.

The electrical activity in the Mothers brains saw a greater positive emotional response to handwritten letters and cards when compared to electronic messages such as social network messages and emails. Mums recorded twice the amount of happiness towards letters and cards to social media messages, and three times more than email. 

This above study just shows how important it is to continue to write and send your greeting cards. 

Ref: Royal Mail