Discovering Holly Seon-Wilson: LaHairCards, Artwork, and the Artist's JourneyThe latest and newest additional project is called 'Scribble to Boot' (started in January 2024) which is the process of seeing something in a scribble and enhancing it by turning it into a work of art. This is very new and exciting!  

On another note, LaHairCards were originally created by Holly in 2007 after including tissue paper in some of her large original jazz paintings.  She then placed them onto greeting cards as a brief experiment with design.  The cards (never having beeen exhibited) were then set aside for 15 years while professionally working in the educational field.  They were discovered packed away in the artist's shed and brought back to life after retirement in 2021.

"The fun of manipulating tissue paper to create movement was once again put to use. It's exciting to know that my LaHairCards now have an improved sense of pure love, beauty, and the look of what you see in the real world."

The LaHairCards are now currently being distributed to wholesale and retail markets.

Holly Seon-Wilson was born and raised in New York City and resides in Virginia. Her serious interest in art began as a child. At the age of 10, she won her first art award. Holly graduated from New York High School of Art and Design majoring in Illustration and Commercial Art.

Her self-development continued while earning a degree in Business Administration at Virginia State University and then earning a Master of Education degree there as well. Working in Management for many years at Altria, and then as a HS Business Instructor for the Manassas City Public Schools, Holly's educational and professional background has helped her to develop as an artist and as a businesswoman.

For many years, Holly's strong contrasting watercolors have won numerous awards in many art shows and are in the collections of patrons throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and abroad.

By the desire to stay busy, she enjoyed owning and running her own Paint and Sip business called "A Toast To Canvas, LLC" (now retired) that supported the arts, with the mission of spreading the joys of painting to others, for seven years.

All of Holly's creations, past and present,  demonstrates her true obsession for the arts, while still maintaining love for the emotional depictions of jazz musicians.

"As you can tell in all of my works, I am inspired by emotions, especially those captured through music, and... I also try to represent the true meaning in the elegance of rhythm!" ❤️

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"A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world." - Hans Hofmann