Displaying Art in Bathrooms

June 11, 2023

8 Ways to Display Art in Bathrooms (thespruce.com)  

Trio of artwork displayed in a bathroom


The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

Art doesn't only have a place in the living room or bedroom. A well-decorated bathroom often features artwork to go along with its decor style. Adding bathroom art can create a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty, turning the bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time.

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    Use Soft Artwork for a Cozy Feel

    bathroom with framed art covering the walls

     Habitually Chic

    This bathroom corner from Habitually Chic uses all the available wall space to display many types of artwork: framed pictures, hanging plates, and even some metal work. To pull off a look like this, choose a theme, or at least a style, so the artwork is cohesive. In this case, architectural art in soft pencil drawings brings together the cozy look. And the symmetrical arrangement mirrors the nature of the buildings themselves. For example, the tower drawing hangs above the two low, long buildings.

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    Don't Be Afraid of Dark Colors

    bathroom with dark walls and four framed pictures

     House of Honey

    This dark bathroom from House of Honey features four related prints of hot-air balloons. Coupled with the animal rug and suitcase, they give the space a fantastical travel theme. Because the background is black, the pale prints pop. Black can be difficult to pull off in a bathroom because the space usually isn't that large. But with good lighting and the right decor, a dark color can become something truly special.

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    Maintain a Cohesive Style

    bathroom with simple artwork

     Monika Hibbs

    This bright white bathroom by Monika Hibbs keeps everything—artwork included—in the same color palette and style. The theme is coastal, but the black-and-white art suits the rest of the minimalist bathroom. The prints are even thoughtfully arranged above the towel hooks to maintain the clean and simple look. And a rug with just a touch of color gives some warmth to the space.

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    Choose a Focal Point

    bathroom with a painting next to the tub

     House of Hawkes

    This bathroom by House of Hawkes uses a portrait as a focal point to bring interest to an otherwise simple white room. The portrait, which is set on the side of the tub, instantly attracts the eye and gives a sense of movement to the space. If you want to keep your bathroom more minimal, a single but substantial piece of art is the perfect choice. It won't clutter the space, and you can feature something that has special meaning or simply fits your style.

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    Create a Gallery Wall

    bathroom with a gallery wall

     Habitually Chic

    This Habitually Chic bathroom leans more on the masculine side. The off-white walls, interesting table-turned-vanity, and vintage paintings and photos of different men all give the distinct impression of a gentleman's bathroom. The placement of the artwork is mostly symmetrical and arranged in columns. But the slight crookedness of some of the frames on the gallery wall maintains the vintage, lived-in vibe of the space.

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    Hang Wallpaper

    bathroom with a pedestal sink and retro wallpaper

     Ben Pentreath

    This gorgeous bathroom by Ben Pentreath uses a black-and-white wallpaper covered with floral drawings for a retro, relaxing feel. While the wallpaper is art itself, it pairs well with the vintage pictures in similar tones. Keeping everything in the same color scheme helps to prevent the look from becoming too busy. And the flowers and glasses give a welcome pop of color.

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    Turn Back Time

    bathroom with vintage art and a clawfoot tub


    The wainscoting in this old-fashioned bathroom found on DecorPad gives it a traditional feel and perfectly frames the space to highlight the freestanding tub. And the large piece of chinoiserie art, which is in perfect balance with the tub, brings it all together. The cream background of the painting echoes the wainscoting color, and the pale blue ink complements the shade. The chinoiserie style calls back to the Victorian era, and that theme is enhanced by the clawfoot tub and chandelier.

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    Fashion an Eclectic Escape

    clawfoot tub with a wall of art above it

     Aston Matthews​

    This Victorian-style bathroom by Aston Matthews sits somewhere between featured art and a gallery. Seven pictures—colorful cityscapes and flowers—were carefully chosen to feel compatible but eclectic. This strategic "thrown together" energy is a hallmark of good Parisian design. Moreover, the frames are not hung exactly straight, giving the space a spontaneous feel. And the aqua wall color helps to bring out the details of the artwork.